How To Add Guest Post In WordPress

how to add guest post in wordpress

If you own a WordPress website, one of the best ways to improve its visibility and reach a wider audience is by allowing guest posts. A guest post is an article written by someone other than the website owner but published on the website with credit given to the author.

Guest posting not only brings fresh content to your website but also helps to establish your website as an authority in your industry or niche. In this article we’ll go through the steps you need to take to add guest posts to your WordPress website.

Install a Guest Post Plugin

The first step in adding guest posts to your WordPress website is to install a guest post plugin. There are many plugins available that allow you to accept guest posts on your website.
Some popular ones include:

User Submitted Posts


Guest Post Plugin

Once you’ve chosen a plugin you can install it through the WordPress plugin repository. To do this go to your WordPress dashboard click on “Plugins” on the left-hand menu and then click on “Add New”. From there you can search for the plugin you want to install and click “Install Now”.

Configure Your Guest Post Settings

After you’ve installed your guest post plugin you need to configure its settings. This includes setting up the form that visitors will use to submit their guest posts and deciding how you want to receive those submissions.

Most guest post plugins will provide a form for visitors to fill out and will give you the option to approve or reject posts before they are published on your website. You’ll also be able to set guidelines for what you will and will not accept in a guest post.

Publish Your First Guest Post

Once you’ve configured your guest post settings you’re ready to start publishing guest posts on your website. To do this simply navigate to the section of your dashboard where you can view and approve guest posts.

After you approve a guest post you’ll need to format it for your website. This includes adding images formatting text and making sure that the post is SEO-friendly.

Promote Your Guest Posts

Finally, once your guest posts are published on your website it’s time to promote them. This includes sharing them on social media linking to them in your email newsletter and reaching out to the author to encourage them to share their post with their own audience.By promoting your guest posts you’ll be able to reach a wider audience and establish your website as a valuable resource in your industry or niche.

In conclusion, allowing guest posts on your WordPress website is a great way to improve your website’s visibility and reach. By following these steps you can easily add guest posts to your website and start reaping the benefits of fresh content and increased engagement.


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